Vacancies in The Band


Updated Feb 2017

Solo Euphonium and accomplished front or back row player

Many players, who have busy family, work or social commitments, but still want to play for a smart progressive band, find one rehearsal a week an attractive proposition. That said as we only rehearse once weekly we are looking for players who can achieve regular attendance (we appreciate all players miss sometimes but if you are likely to miss rehearsals on a regular basis then we are probably not the band for you)

If you are interested in joining please do ask even if a specific position is not shown (In all bands personal changes often occur at short notice and this web site is not always updated)

It is a popular misconception that you have to work for the Police to become a member of the band. This has never in fact been the case, the current band is made up primarily of players from all walks of life!

We rehearse each Monday from 7:30pm until 9:30pm at the Force HQ in Winsford.


If interested in joining the band or wish to make a general enquiry please feel free to contact David Woollam MD for an informal and confidential chat.