All Our Yesterdays
Thank you very much to all ( especially Jim Genders, Geoff Hall and Terry Shaw) who have helped put names to faces on the photos below. That said as you will see we still have a few blanks so would love to be able to put names to all the faces! If you can help and recognise anyone please let us know so we can complete our history of the band. Dave Woollam
Stockport Police band ( predecessor of the Cheshire Constabulary Band )circa 1952
Back Row left to right – John Pickering: Denise Dewitt (Clarke): John Stretch: Jim Genders: Cyril Grocott: Mikre Greaves: Joyce Holt: George Pragnall:Graham Hodgkinson:Mike Gaffney:David Owen: John Woollam:Adrian Lindop:Geoff Hall

Front Row left to right- David Woollam:Colin Stewart:heather Kilshaw:Keith Wenlock:Robin Bold:Iffior Griffiths: Charles Holt ( MD) Brian Jones: Pete Mounsey:Colin Lloyd: Syd Smith: Brian Harding: John Hughes.

Police Band 1972 - Taken outside the FTC. The band were still based in Stockport before moving to Crewe in 1973/74.

Standing from left - ???, Dougie Moores, ???, Gwilliam Williams, Stan Rogers, Stan Davies, ???, ???, Fred??, Rob taylor, ???, ???, Geoff Hall, ???, ???, ???, Fred Codling

Seated from left - Dick Rogers, Harold Sim-Mutch, Ron Shawcross, Ronny Claydon

Chief Officers Annual Dinner circa 1976
Back Row left to right - George Pragnall: Mike Greaves:John Pickering:Peter Mounsey:John Stretch :Keith Wenlock: Charled Holt (MD) Brian Harding :Colin Stewart:Geoff Hall: Brian Jones: Brian Ledsen:

Front Row left to right - Joyce Holt:Jim Genders:Mr JOhn Furber ACC: Mr George Fenn Chief Constable :(Unknown?): Ian Murray: Mike Gaffney

Police Band 1973 - Taken in the rehearsal room at FTC
Back Row left to right - Joyce Holt, Robert Bradshaw, Malcolm Simmons, Robin Bold, Heather Kilshaw, Keith Wenlock, Colin Lloyd, Geoff Dooley, Mike Holmes, ???, Stan Dobbins

Front Row left to right - Ian Harper, Jim Genders, Cyril Grocott, ???, Keith Barnicoat, Colin Stewart, George Pragnall, Caroline Litherland, Geoff Hall, Brian Jones

Seated - Henry Watson (Chief Constable), Charlie Holt

Two photos taken at the former FTC at Crewe Circa 1981 to show off the new “ Powder blue” stage uniform and Parade uniform
Circa 1987
Back Row Left to Right – Joyce Holt: Nigel Birch:Rachel Metcalfe (Woollam) :Stuart Wright:Cyril GrocottJack Meredith:Syd Smith:Simon Roberts. Janice Lloyd

Centre Row Left to Right- Howard Coppenhall:Derek Gardener:Keioth Podmore-Smyth:Lisa Wright:Dave Wood:Stuart Gorse:Colin Stuart:Dave Woollam:Albert Birchenough:Andre Helieur:Gerraint Davies.

Front Row Left to Right - Ron Dean:Roger Kingerby:Roy Duke:Charly Holt: Ken Hanks:Ron Shawcross: Tim Ashbrook

Band circa 1994
Back Row Left to Right - : Jim genders:Cyril Grocott: Stephen Gardner: Dick Rogers: Derek gardener:Graham Hodgkinson:Kim Turner: Dr Andy Lund: Charlie Holt:Dave Wood:Ron Shawcross:Louise Stretch: John Stretch: Ivor Perks: Janice Lloyd:Cathy Genders

Front Row Left to Right - : Stuart Wright: Terry Shaw:Joyce Holt: Ken Turner:Dave Evans: Alison Lund:Albert Birchenough: Ken Hutton:David Graham:Ken Hanks:Roy Duke.

Band circa 1997
Back Row Left to Right – Stuart Wright, Steve Pritchard-Jones, ken Turner, Simon Roberts, Gyril Grocott, Richard Hutton,Terry Shaw,Dick Rogers

Centre Row Left to Right- John Hughes, ???, Adrian Dunne,, ???, John Stretch, Grenville Henshall, Ken Hutton, Henry Ash, Geoff Hall, Malcolm Glanister, Charlie Holt, Janet Hall

Front Row Left to Right - Ken Hanks, Irvine McKee, Joyce Holt, Vicky Gardener, Janice Lloyd

Drummers (knelt) - ???, Louise Stretch,Graham Mallom, ???

Band 2005
Back Row Left to Right - John Hughes:Ken Dale:Nichola Burnham: Ben Freeman,Alan Freeman:Dave Lornie:Bob Heath:Ken Turner: Ken Hutton: Emma Woodward: Alan Woodward:Clive Batey:Dave Evans: Malcolm Cooke: Arthur Sherwood.

Front row Left to Right - Stewart Thompson (Deputy MD) :Irvine Mckee:Janice Lloyd:Francis Lawrence:Sarah Bowker: Dennis Cooke:Terry Shaw:Derek gardener:Steven Gardener:Steve Twemlow:Granvile Henshall (MD)

Help us to fill in the blanks or correct any innacuracies as to dates of photos or names of the players shown. Please contact Dave Woollam.
Our current MD Dave Woollam as a very newly appointed Police Cadet taken at Crewe in 1978.

Back Row L to R : Louise Stretch, Richard Hutton, Marc Kolodzeizicz, Derek Gardener,Graham Hogkinson,Ken Thorn, Jim Genders,Terry Shaw,Gillian Shaw, John Stretch Centre Row L to R: Andy Lund,Joanne Haigh,Syd Smith,Janice Lloyd,Ges Davies,Dwve Richards,David Graham,Albert Birchenough, Dave Evans:Gavin Wright Front Row: Dave Wood,Ken Hanks, Emma Jones,Graham Slinger,Nick Hudson,Roy Duke,Ivor Perks, Terry Newton

FTC 1973 from L- R Colin Stewart, Heather Kilshaw, David Owen, Colin lloyd and Charlie Holt