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Comments made after the Band's first appearance at the Spirit of Christmas event 2008

Dear Dave and The Band,

Wow, Double Wow and even Treble Wow. That was absolutely fantastic!! Amazing.

Thank you all so much for coming and performing at the Spirit of Christmas Carol Concert on Friday night. You made SUCH a difference. It was just glorious to sing the carols with the brass band playing - the entry and exit of the performers was terrific and as for your slot - well i could have listened to you for hours, and so, I gather, could
most of the audience - all the ones I spoke to anyway. You were enormously popular, I hope you could tell that from the huge cheer that went up when Matthew thanked you at the end.

Particularly I wanted you to know just how much all the performers thoroughly enjoyed the band - they were right up close and personal!!! And it was sheer delight they say, they raved about the band for most of
the evening and were still talking about you the next morning over breakfast.

You are a terrifc band and i am so thrilled that you were prepared to play for The Neuromuscular Centre.

Sarah and Mathew Kelly ( Stars in your Eyes fame)



Comments Made after appearance and Goosfest Concert June 2008


I thought the band were brilliant tonight at Goostrey. I have heard the band at awards evenings and at the cathedral but this is the first time I have heard a full concert it was really excellent. I also thought you directed the event in such a personal way you had the audience eating out of your hands. Quite a number of people came up to me after the event to express that we must be really proud of the band and that it was really nice that Cheshire had a band.

A great performance you did Cheshire proud.


Former Chief Superintendent Eastern Area



Comments after concert at Whitby High School Summer 08


Dear Dave,

Please forgive me contacting you by e-mail rather than writing formally but
I know that this should reach you.

Thank-you so much for last night’s concert. The overwhelming response from staff, pupils and parents has been incredibly positive. Everyone has commented on the fabulous skill and talent of the band and on your great ability as compere.

To say that a good time was had by all is an understatement! We all felt up-lifted by the event. Thank-you also for giving me the chance to look so silly. It has been the talk of the staff-room today but for me it was something of a dream come true. The eight year old had an opportunity to try it out for real.

Many thanks to you and your team of excellent musicians!

Margaret Hughes. Head teacher



Comments on our performance at The National Finals September 2009

We would just like to say what a fantastic sound your band made at the national finals on Saturday! The result was a disgrace, you were our winners by far and many of our members felt for you all. Good luck in the spring with the areas, a sound like that should be back in Harrogate next year, with a bit of luck we'll be there too!
Best Wishes Downton Band (South West Region)

4 Bars Rest retrospective opf the bands performance

CN Tower: What a good sound. Bold and round and maintains drive and precision. Nearly all there. Tasteful Apache call to close a confident opening.Empire State: Lovely floe and stylish intent. Odd blips but so what it is played so confidently. The whimsy is back and well played too.

Sears Tower: Good solid playing with energy and balance too. There is something in reserve too for bold ending. Bravo!Overall: A good one this. A times very good indeed. The understanding of the work from the MD and players was on show all the through.

Star player: Flugel horn – lovely stuff right from the off and right to the end.

The final band in the top six, will perhaps have left Harrogate disappointed. Cheshire Constabulary really did produce a fine performance, full of mature sounds and a coherent reading from the MD. It didn’t quite resonate in the box to the same degree it did with many in the hall, but it was one to be proud of.


Comments about Remembrance Day Parade Prestbury 8th November 2009

Dear Inspector Woollam,

I thought you might like to see the attached photos of the Cheshire
Constabulary Band as they marched through Prestbury Village leading the
Royal British Legion Prestbury Branch to the Church Service of Remembrance,

yesterday 8th November, and afterwards in The Village Club.

We were all very impressed with their smartness and the playing of the
Many thanks!

Yours sincerely

David Asher
Member RBL.



Dear Dave

We were all thrilled with the magnificent turnout of the band and must give
you great credit for putting the whole thing together.

The band presence made the day for us all and we thank you from the bottom
of our hearts for you all giving up your time and enthusiasm for this
special day in out year. We will really miss your presence for the next 2
years and you will be very hard to replace, and we look forward to your
visit in 2012.

Once again very many thanks to you all

Kind regards

Ron Merchant
Chairman Royal British Legion
Prestbury Branch.


9th December 2009

Dear Dave

On behalf of the patients,staff and trustees I would like to thank you and your colleagues for coming and playing for our Light Up A Life serviceon Saturday. It was very good of you to come at such short notice. Please pass on my gratitude to all other band members. It was a lovely service and for some people obviously very upsetting as they remembered their loved ones and your music helped to life the mood and create a lovely atmosphere.

Joanne Horne

Events Co-ordinator St Lukes Cheshire Hospice, Winsford


Regional contest success March 2010

Hi David,

congratulations on gaining a place at the 2010 finals. I am pleased that
both South Yorks and Cheshire Police Bands are doing so well.

Dean (West Yorks Police Band Sergeant)



Many congrats on your 3rd place which, unlike our (Bollington's)
3rd place did not take us to the Finals. Cheshire bands had a right good
result all round. Silk Brass 2nd, Bolly 3rd and Poynton 4th. Good luck in

Fondest regards, Jim Genders


Comments after Concert at Knutsford St. johns 10th April 2010


I wanted to send you a quick message to say how much I enjoyed the concert
on Saturday in Knutsford. I came with my 12 year old son, who is learning
to play the trumpet, and we both thoroughly enjoyed the superb variety of
music. I was really impressed with the spectrum of musical styles
presented, and also particularly enjoyed the added dimension of having the
Drum Corp. (Having grown up in Scotland enjoying Pipes & Drums, the drums
are something I rarely hear, but very much enjoy).

Congratulations, and I hope to have another opportunity to hear you again
at some time in the future.


Dave Adams


Comments after Concert at Disley Methodist Church 24th April 2010

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Comments after Concert at St Saviours Ellesmere Port 14th May 2010

Greetings Dave,

Just a few words to say many thanks to yourself and the band for another
excellent evening.
It was thoroughly entertaining and all who attended had a great time, I
spoke with a number of parishioners yesterday and all were extremely
As always they are asking me if you will come back again


Tony Hunt


Dear sir,

Last night I went along with members of my family to a concert given by
the band and corps of drums of the Cheshire Constabulary. The program they
played was excellent and varied, with music ranging from the 14th to the
20th century. The corps of drums, although only at fifty percent strength
due to work commitments were very impressive indeed. Every member there a
great advertisement and a credit to the organization.

If you haven't seen the band for a long time or you just like good music
give them a try. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Yours faithfully

John Harvey.


Letter of thanks after concert at nantwich Civic Hall October 17th 2010

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