Principal Euphonium - Ian Sanders

I started playing euphonium at the age of 10 with the Padgate Silver Band and stayed with them for a couple of years.

The grandson of our next door neighbour used to play with the Warrington Youth Band under the guidance of Len Andrews and offered to introduce me to the band. I joined the Warrington Youth Band on 2nd Baritone in 1988 and played with them until I went to university in 1993. It was during my time with the band that I met my wife Sarah and soon Sarah was on Solo Cornet and I was on Solo Euphonium. Whilst playing with the youth band I had lessons from Paul Andrews who lived just round the corner from my parents. We went on tours to Malta, Germany and Austria performing concerts and a marching routine.

When returning from university the Youth band had become an adult band also as there were not enough youngsters to fill the seats. I rejoined the band for a few years under the name of Warrington Brass and once again went on a tour of Malta.

After a short break Paul Andrews asked if Sarah and I would like to come and play for Skelmersdale Prize band whom he was conducting at the time, we stayed there for around six months until Paul decided that Warrington needed a good contesting / concert band.

In September 2001 Wire Brass were formed and I was a founder member playing Solo Euphonium. I only ever played one contest on Solo Euph playing Spectrum at Brass at the Guild in 2002, where we gained 1st place in the second section and I won the best soloist prize. I continue to play for Wire firstly on Second Euph and then letterly on Eb Bass. I left Wire in December 2004 as Sarah and I were expecting our second child and I was in the process of changing jobs and felt that I could not give the band the commitment that it required.

Once again I had a break from playing of about 3 years and joined Birchwood community band as it was local and did not require such high commitment. It was one evening at Birchwood when we met Steve and Jane Day who were starting a small brass group, now known as Casual Brass, Sarah and I joined and we perform at various functions such as church services and different fayres. After various conversations it was found that Steve, Jane, Sarah and I all played with band in the Warrington area whilst being young and that Steve's dad was the minister who christened me...

Whilst talking to Steve & Jane we found that they also played with the Cheshire Constabularly Brass Band (conducted by Dave whom I knew from his days when he played Solo Euph at Wire). Sarah was asked to Dep for the band at Pontins in 2008 and soon after Sarah and I both joined the band. The Warmington on sea platoon (Cheshire Police Band) are a great crowd and I would like to thank them for making Sarah and I so welcome.

Out of band, Sarah and I have two boys. I enjoy playing with steam traction engines and vintage tractors and luckily so do the boys....


Ian Sanders